I’m Ahmet Eren,
IT System Engineer

I have a bachelors degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department of Ataturk University. I working Middleware Systems Assistant Manager. I aimed to improve myself, likes to help and share. So i am a System Engineer who believes in the power of knowledge.
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jan 2008 – nov 2016 / Erzurum – Turkey
Jr. System Engineer,
Caroline Internet (caro.net)
agu 2008 – nov 2010 / Texas, USA


Jr. Web Developer,
Ataturk University
nov 2010 – mar 2014 / Erzurum, Turkey
Freelance Web Developer,
agu 2011 – nov 2013 / Izmir, Turkey


Ataturk University
mar 2014 – nov 2016 / Erzurum, Turkey


IT System Engineer,
nov 2016 – mar 2021/ Istanbul, Turkey


Middleware Systems Assistant Manager,
BNP Paribas Cardif
apr 2021 – … / Istanbul, Turkey

about me

Hello there,
I have been in web world since 2006, I have gained many initiatives and experiences. I had opportunity to professionally works for many technology companies since 2008. I started as a software developer in this journey, I was continue as a system engineer and now i am middleware systems assistant manager.
I have 13 years of progressive experience in systems administration and information system troubleshooting. I have in-depth experience in providing technical services to network and software users to increase productivity and enhance creativity.



SEAGULL Project Web Award
November 2010

The Flying Seagull Project has founded by entertainer Ash Perrin in 2007, I came second in the web page project in November 2010.

Google Young Agencies Academy
July 2011

I won competition named Young Agencies Academy organized by Google and attended Google Traning Seminar.

European Voluntary Service
May 2013

I took part in European Volunteer Service (EVS) program for education and recreation works in Budapest, Hungary.

TÜBİTAK Electric Efficiency Challenge
Agust 2015

I’m part of Ataturk University team in Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle. We came in 3rd with our ATAKAR electric vehicle.

TARSIM DataCenter Project
Marc 2017

I worked in TARSİM data center renovation project. The infrastructure has changed and devices transfers have been completed successfully. 

Disaster Center Project

May 2020

I managed transfer project to the Professional Data Center. Devices in TARSIM Regional Directorate were moved to KKB Anadolu Data Center.

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